River2Sea 2012 Open Team Tournament Story

1st annual River2Sea Open delivers fun…and BIG BASS

STOCKTON, Ca. – Sometimes, late summer bass fishing can be a “crap shoot” at best, as the increase in water temperatures can be directly attributed to the decline of active and catchable fish - which in turn, can wear on the patience of even the most diehard angler.  

But when you mix competitive fun together with an exciting event - even during the late summer, it changes everything for the best.

And those that participated in the first annual River2Sea Open held last Saturday and Sunday on the California Delta at Ladd’s Marina, had the opportunity to experience this fun and excitement first hand as the inaugural event delivered great fun and friendly competition amongst an exceptionally strong field of anglers.

Even perennial delta favorites such as Dave Sanchez, president of the Stockton Bass Club, FLW Everstart Series pros such as Bub Tosh, and Zack Thompson, along with western bass fishing legend Dave Gliebe came out to join in on the fun and competition, and proved without a doubt that BIG BASS can be brought to the scales even during the hottest and toughest months of the summer.

This was an event for anglers, as a delicious BBQ was presented – each day for participants, along with a HUGE free raffle, and even a $200 cash prize for the biggest striper of the event! The payout for the event was over 90% with the top finishers receiving $2150, $1000, and $930 respectively!

Day One

Day one of this two day, event saw three limits of fish top the 15 pound mark, with big fish of the day topping the scales just shy of the 10 pound mark. But it was the team of Brand Little and Gary Schmidt that took the top spot on day one, bringing to the scales a 3-fish limit of bass that weighed in at an impressive 16.13 pounds.

But they had every reason to be nervous as directly in their rear view mirror, were a couple of teams that posted 15 pound limits , and with several other teams bringing in limits ranging anywhere from 10 to 13 pounds, these two knew they had their work cut out for them on day two.

Day Two

As predicted, day two saw a significant surge in the number of limits that were caught the previous day along with a better quality of fish… but it was too little, and a bit too late as to the delight of Brand and Gary, their second day catch of 9.79 was just enough to keep the rest of the field at bay, and with a six fish limit of over 26 pounds - using a variety of River2Sea baits, such as the Rover, the Whopper Plopper, along with Ish Monroe’s new series crankbaits, they captured the events first inaugural crown,  over $2,100 dollars in 1st place cash, along with memories that will last them a lifetime.

We should all put our hands together and thank River2Sea USA for hosting this event, and providing the western angler with yet another opportunity to test their skills and earn some good cash in the process. The baits they produce are of outstanding quality and have surely made a positive impact on the bass fishing and the western angler at large.

A special thanks to the Outdoor Sportsman of Stockton for co-hosting the event, and providing our participants with delicious BBQ along with River2Sea sales manager Angelo Alorro for the amount of time and effort he put into helping coordinate all of the pre and post activities, and to the folks at River Point Landing for graciously allowing us to use their fantastic facility.

Will the event be back next year?...You bet it will!

Look for this great event to come back to the delta in 2013, a little later in the year..where the fall bass action will be even better!

See you all on the water!


Angler’s Press

For full event standings please visit the Anglers Press website at www.anglerspress.com


River2Sea would like to thank the following sponsor for their support of the event :

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