2019 FPT Youth Teams

Angler's Press Outdoors - Youth League


The Youth Angler League – presented by Gone Fishin’ Marine, is designed to provide opportunities for youth that may not have never experienced the fun of angling, and present alternatives to the electronic games and media platforms that sometimes detract our kids from seeking basic outdoor fun. It is open to all youth, from grade school thru high-school (18 and under), and there is NO ENTRY FEE required to participate!  

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This exclusive division is open to all youth, from grade school thru high-school (18 years and younger). The ONLY cost required is the yearly FPT membership which has been discounted for youth to $40. At EVERY event youth that in a member, has the opportunity to win all cash and prizes offered, and participate in free seminars by top bass anglers!


How the Youth Angler's League works:


  • YAL participants register BEFORE the event, must be 18 years of age or younger, and must have written permission from parents, and approved by the tournament director prior to participation. 


  • YAL participants fish as individuals and are allowed to bring in 5 fish to the scales.


  • YAL participants will place a special “tag” on their fish prior to coming to the scales, to help identify their limit.


  • If a YAL participant requires an escort to drive the boat to participate, the escort is allowed to fish, and can pay to participate in the regular FPT event, but they are not allowed to assist the YAL participant - in any way (landing or netting fish), nor will their fish be included in that YAL participants limit.


How to register a youth, as a Youth Angler League participant


  • Before the event, each YAL participant must register as a “YAL” participant and will receive a special Youth League wristband.


  • YAL participants have the option to pay the regular FPT entry fee, and participate in that day’s regular FPT event to win the regular event’s purse, cash and prizes. 


  • If the YAL participant is fishing in the regular tournament with a partner, they will first the fish the THEY THEMSELVES caught (up to 5 fish), then weigh their team's bag (up to 5 fish per team).


PLEASE NOTE: If you are a “Pro” level angler that is ineligible to compete in FPT events, you may fish with your youth, but are not allowed to include any of the fish you catch throughout the day in their limit – they must have caught all of the fish they bring to the scales. PLEASE REMEMBER – this is being done on “honor” system. 


Youth Angler League awards:

The top 3 YAL participants with the highest weight will receive a trophy and cash or prizes as follows: 

1stPlace: $150

At the following events, a Sea Eagle PakFish7 boat will be award to the 1stPlace YAL finisher 

  • Berryessa
  • New Melones
  • Clear Lake
  • Camanche
  • Delta


2ndPlace: $100

3rdPlace: $75


Note: YAL 1stplace finisher may only win boat ONE TIME. Should they win again, they will be awarded 2ndplace cash money and the boat will go to 2ndplace YAL finisher.

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Youth Angler League – Performance bonus awards:

If the winning YAL angler catches a limitof 10 pounds or greater they will receive:

  • A special tackle pack featuring Daiwa, Yamamoto, R2Sea, and Gamakatsu product


Youth Angler League – Classic Championship Event

At the end of the season, only the top ten Youth League teams (highest Youth League points) will be invited to the final day of the Future Pro Tour Classic Championship to compete – at no cost, for their own separate trophies, and cash prizes as follows:


1st Place - $500

2nd Place – Sea Eagle PF7 Inflatable boat

3rd Place - $200


Youth Angler League - Angler of the Year Awards (both regions)

  • Special award commorating the AOY victory
  • Helix 5 fishfinder
  • Daiwa Tatula Rod/Reel Combo